About Us

Easyrocket provides a modular API-based builder for casinos, sports betting, payments and partner/vendor management. The company's B2B iGaming solutions are designed to enable bold ideas and provide a superior experience for players in regulated markets.

To offer the services operators need, Easyrocket operates as a complete platform. It integrates a variety of gambling activities from bookmakers to lotteries and from existing big companies to newcomers.

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Our Fundamentals

Our fundamentals for interacting with our clients, their customers, our peers and the communities we belong to

  • We offer a complete platform

    Our product has an operations team specializing in betting, gambling, payment processing and fraud. The entire platform range is managed, configured and secured on our own servers.

  • Constantly updating and integrating

    Our platform provides a wide range of integrated products with information about them and lists of available services. This applies to betting, gambling and all our payment solutions.

  • Sailing in the same boat

    We have a system of income distribution. When project turnover and margins go up, when volumes go up, when player deposits go up, both parties earn more. Because we share incentives, we are interested in improving products and services where it matters.

  • Ready for anything

    Our team and our software are super flexible. We can provide our clients with either a separate betting only, gambling with payment solutions, or just a specific list of gaming providers for an already formed platform.

  • We're Always On

    With years of experience in iGaming, we understand how fast-paced and highly competitive it is. This understanding keeps our platform in a rhythm of constant change and gameplay improvements to maximize resource returns.

Ready to start a conversation?

The key for us as a true B2B iGaming software provider is to help gaming operators implement bold ideas and unleash unlimited creativity.

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