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Easyrocket comes with a Template that has huge collection of oriented templates which can be used directly or customized as per your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the online casino business profitable?

Yes, it is a very profitable business, but like any other, it is profitable with the right strategy and its relevant implementation.

I want to start an online casino business, what do I need to do?

Before you start, you should figure out what kind of specifics you are dealing with. Study the structure of the business, decide on the budget and expenses, analyze the competitors, develop a strategy. Also, the online gambling business needs a license that gives you the right to do it. Find providers and payment methods. And now you can start your business and attract new players and providers!

Which regions should you focus on?

It depends directly on the set of laws in a particular state, as well as the provider.

What are some strategies for attracting an audience?

  1. Loyalty programs

  2. Bonuses

  3. Affiliate marketing

How do we make players stay and play with us?

This can be achieved through retention of interest in your product, as well as fast payouts and new unique offers.

What does your online casino platform consist of?

We offer you a handy builder for creating an online casino from scratch and an extensive selection of games and providers that are constantly updated. Our designer is intuitive and our technical support is available 24 hours a day.

Our platform ensures your online casino is fully secured against fraud and customer relationship management systems.

What is a turnkey casino?

A turnkey casino is a feature-rich, stand-alone casino that gives you a wide range of customization options. Our platform will take care of the development of your online casino, and all you have to do is get your gaming license and start running your online casino business.

What is the "White Label Solution"?

"White Label Solution" offers you, as an operator, to work from our legal entity. Also, with the "White label Solution" you, as a franchise owner, work with our Curacao sub-license, which simplifies the option of obtaining a license and speeds up the launch of your online casino.

IMPORTANT: To partner with Easyrocket under the White Label Solution, the operator must have experience in the online gambling industry.

Will it be possible to see a casino demo?

Yes! Let support know with a request for a demo and you will be sent one.

How long will it take to develop an online casino?

It will take approximately from 1 day to 1 week. The exact timeline is guided by edits from the client.

Does Easyrocket design the casino platform?

It depends on the client's decision. The client can provide their own design or outsource this task to the Easyrocket platform.

What payment methods are available on the Easyrocket platform?

The customer can use any popular payment method:

  • SMS deposit

  • Mobile payment

  • Through a self-service terminal

  • Bank transfer

  • Cryptocurrency

  • Electronic wallet

  • Prepaid card

  • Via bank card

  • Blockchain transaction

Will the introduction of options be available to the client?

Yes! In the terms of reference, the client can write about the options he wants to implement. For example, e-mailing service, SMS chat, etc.

Who will have the rights to the online casino developed by Easyrocket?

The customer has all the rights of use and is the owner of the casino. Easyrocket is the developer of the technical component of the platform.

How much do Easyrocket's services cost?

The price is set depending on the terms of reference and the complexity of the project.

How to choose the right casino provider?

The choice of provider depends on the market situation and the preferences of casinos and players. The Easyrocket team will help you in choosing the right provider for your platform.

Can I trust your gaming software?

We guarantee you complete security as our platform only cooperates with safe and certified developers.

Why turn to Easyrocket when you can partner with game providers? Cooperating directly with providers is more difficult than with an intermediary who can provide benefits and security to your business. A contract with Easyrocket will open up the possibility of cooperating with a huge number of providers. The client will simplify the process of payments, fresh game updates, and collaboration with more providers.

How will the collaboration flow?

Customer cooperation with Easyrocket consists of several steps:

  1. A FREE consultation with the client

  2. Signing of the non-disclosure document

  3. Consideration of the terms of reference, setting the deadline and the amount of the project

  4. Signing the contract

  5. Project creation and implementation of games and payment systems

  6. Handing over the project to the client

  7. Project launch

  8. 24/7 support from Easyrocket (includes advice on any issues, as well as statistics on the development of your casino, constant updates, bonuses, games, etc.)

What is a gambling license and how to choose one?

A gambling license is a permit issued by a special committee on gambling, is valid proof that the current business is legal and the payment of winnings is guaranteed.

The choice of license depends on what your goals are and what regions you are targeting.

Is it difficult to obtain a gaming license?

Each license has certain requirements and variations in cost. For example, UK or Maltese licenses have strict processing requirements and a high price, while a CuraƧao license is cheaper and easier to obtain. However, more expensive and difficult to obtain licenses have more opportunities.

Does Easyrocket offer a license service?

Yes, Easyrocket, offers a license service.

Interested or have questions?

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